200 Corporate Doughnuts for £345

200 corporate doughnuts including delivery made by us to anywhere in the UK and a Tower to display your doughnuts for only £345.

Based on seven days notice.




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    From 100 personalised doughnuts to 10,000 corporate cupcakes, we can produce almost anything in our wholesale bakery. Got something different in mind, let us know.

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    Choose the date you need your cakes by and we'll get them hand-delivered. We only need 24 hours notice.

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    Why Corporate Doughnuts?

    Corporate doughnuts are the perfect way to celebrate a big milestone, treat your team or impress clients. We make 3 types of doughnuts, so if you prefer them sugared glazed or plain we can make them perfect for you.

    All our doughnuts are made in our London based wholesale bakery, where each one is hand-piped before your branding is added. We also hand-deliver the doughnuts to your door, so they turn up looking as perfect and fresh as when they left our bakery.

    If you have any more questions about our doughnuts or us, give us a call on 01525 839963.